Privacy policy

What Information Do We Collect

We collect information listed below

  • Contact information, such as name, address, phone number, or email;
  • Purchase information, such as the items you purchase.
  • Device and browsing information, including information about your phone, tablet, computer, or device, and online browsing activity. Automatically collected information also may include information about when and how you access and use our website or mobile application, such as the date and time of your visit or use, the websites you visit before coming and after leaving our website, how you navigate and what you search for using our website and mobile application, the website pages and items you view using our website and mobile application, and the items you purchase.

How Do We Collect Information

We collect information on our website.

From social media platforms that you use in connection with our website, or that share or allow you to share information with us, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Using cookies and automatic collection methods. For example, we and third parties may collect information from the computer, tablet, phone, or other device: that you use to access our website; or that you use to open an email or click on an advertisement from us. This collection includes automatically collected information, and generally does not include personal information unless you provide it through website or you choose to share it with us. 

Payment and any transaction processing is conducted over secure processing server via Shopify. We don’t collect any credit/debit card information and our checkout is secure.

How Do We Share our customers’ information

All information such as names, emails, phone numbers, credit card and other payment methods will remain private and will not be shared at any time with a third party. Customer can share credit card number over phone or text to make a purchase. Payment information will be deleted after purchase was made.

We will use collected data such as emails, phone numbers for further online marketing and other promotional purposes for our company only.